Alcohol Addiction Treatment
Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Effective and Affordable Alcohol Addiction Treatment for Malaysians at The Cabin Chiang Mai

Malaysia is the world’s 10th largest consumer of alcohol in the world, spending $500 million on it every year. And despite the country’s restrictions around alcohol, its use is on the rise. In particular, underage drinking is a problem, with 45% of youth admitting to having abused alcohol. On top of that, over one-third of non-Muslims who drink tend to binge drink, or drink excessively.

Drinking – even binge or underage drinking – is often normalised, but the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) in the US places the threshold for heavy drinking at as little as seven drinks per week. Thus, the boundary for alcohol addiction is likely lower than you think – and you probably know someone who struggles with it.

Alcohol problems range in severity from occasional binge drinking to life-threatening physical addiction. Alcohol addiction is a chronic disorder that causes sufferers to drink uncontrollably despite its negative effect on their lives. It can be detrimental to relationships, finances, work and both physical and mental health. Prolonged abuse can cause severe damage to the brain and liver. But what does alcohol addiction look like?

Signs of Alcohol Addiction To Watch Out For:

  • Drinking alone
  • Finding excuses to drink
  • Drunk driving
  • Needing alcohol to function
  • Drinking secretly
  • Trembling in the morning
  • Inability to stop or reduce alcohol intake
  • Continued abuse of alcohol despite family and social problems
  • Spending significant time drinking and/or recovering
  • Continuing to drink even after recognising it is a problem
  • Violent episodes when drinking
  • Becoming angry when confronted about drinking

Long-term Effects of Alcohol Addiction, if Left Untreated:

  • Physical alcohol dependency
  • Alcohol-related brain injury
  • Cancers (including cancer of the mouth, pharynx, larynx, oesophagus, bowel (in men) and breast (in women)
  • Cirrhosis and liver failure
  • Concentration and long-term memory problems
  • Heart and cerebrovascular diseases including hypertension and stroke
  • Poor nutrition
  • Problems with the nerves of the arms and legs
  • Sexual and reproductive problems (impotence, fertility)
  • Skin problems
  • Stomach complaints and problems
  • Family and relationship problems
  • Poor work performance
  • Legal and financial difficulties

Alcohol Addiction Treatment at The Cabin Consists of Two Main Elements:

Medical Detox

Discontinuing the use of alcohol, or alcohol detoxification, usually causes withdrawal symptoms. The severity of these symptoms will depend on your level of alcohol addiction. They may range from anxiety and poor sleep to uncontrollable shaking and spasms.

We have an international-standard hospital at The Cabin, staffed by a professional medical team capable of treating withdrawal symptoms.

At this stage, you’ll also receive supervised and comprehensive treatment for mental health or physical health issues, if needed.

Psychological Treatment

Addressing the psychological and behavioural symptoms of alcohol addiction is the key to long-term recovery. This is accomplished through our culturally sensitive Recovery Zones methodology, which uses the most effective psychotherapy treatment methods available today. Our experienced counsellors will get to the root causes of your alcohol addiction, identify your triggers and teach you coping techniques as part of a life-long relapse prevention plan.

You’ll follow a personalised programme consisting of a series of individual and group counselling sessions, mindfulness exercises and fitness therapy to achieve holistic recovery of both your body and your mind.

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